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October 12, 1983     Marysville Globe
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October 12, 1983

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Box 25278, Portland, OR 97225. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!ii!!!ii~: ~- WINDOWS OF VARYING SIZE in a dull living room is an- easy-to,do suggestions. He completely covered the collection of coordinated verticals and mini-blinds. eye a vertical empha- Goldsmith took his paintbrush in hand and painted mold- continues over the valance for unity. Adds Goldsmith, there's a natural charm to a hand-painted feeling which bal- and Italian tile floors." Goldsnfith added his own hand- the contrast. Italian ceramic tile by Marazzi. 2EMENT LISTS •Remodeling & BATHROOMS our Insulation Needs .s *Weather Stripping I CABINETRY . i ENTERISES 'th Street • Marysville, WA 98270 i53-9170 EBEYE"I g3J2 L IC NOTICE ,ur to know N NO. 83 4 00718 1 OTICE TO CREDITORS ington for SNOHOMISH COUNTY in the matter of the Deceased. been appointed and has quallfed as Personal Ropresen- ~named deceased. Each person having a claim against lira on the undersigned Personal Representative or on below stated and must file an executed copy of the within four months after the date of the first publlca- months after the date of the filing of a copy of this Is the later, or the claim will be barred. Creditors: Sept. 23, 1983. 28, 1983 Elizabeth L. Johnson Larry M. Trivet*, 1802 Grove Street, 1983 1309 LLE CITY OF Y LIMITS :IAL ZON- SD IN PART- following- 1216 Fifth SOuthwest 'sville, thereof 37, a Petition imily 7200 clal Commls- d rezone and sub- act and a dng said siness Is in the With the NOW, CiTY OF DO OR- act of the to the and hereby ly 7200 siness of the as of Or- ;ended to above- rezone is ira- upon the ty for any business or commercial use, the property shall be fenced for the full width of the west and east sides. If said condition is breached, the zoning classification of the subject property shall automatically revert to the Single-Family 7200 Classification, and the owner shall be required to immediately conform the use of the property to said classification. PASSED by the City Council and AP- PROVED by the Mayor this 10th day of Oc- tober, 1983. THE CITY OF MARYSVILLE By s/Daryl D. Brennick, Mayor Attest: By s/Phillip E. Dexter, City Clerk Approved as to Form: By s/James H. Allendoerfer, Clty Atty. Published: October 12, 1983 ORIDNANCE NO. 1310 CITY OF MARYSVILLE Marysvllle, Washington AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF MARYSVILLE AMENDING CHAPTER 11.04 OF THE MARYSVILLE MUNICIPAL CODE BY ADDING THERETO A SECTION RELATING TO SPEED LIMITS, AND REPEALING CHAPTER 11.76. THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF MARYSVILLE, WASHINGTON, DO OR- DAIN AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. A new section is hereby enacted for Chapter 11.04 of the Merysville Municipal Code to provide as follows: Maximum Speed Limits. The basic rule for maximum speed limits on streets and highways within the City, as established by State law and adopted herein by reference as port of the Model Traffic Or- dinance, Is hereby modified In the follow- Ing respects: (1) The maximum speed limit on State Avenue shall be 25 miles per hour between the southern City limits and 80th Street N.E., and 35 miles per hour between 80th Street N.E. and the northern City limits. (2) At the direction of the City Council, the maximum speed limit on any other Ci- ty street may be Increased or decreased from 2S miles per hour, and such speed limit shall be effective when appropriate signs giving notice thereof are erected. A speed limit may be declared to be effective at all times or at such times as are In- dicated upon such signs; and differing An island of individual- ism. A statement of self. A sleek, functional oasis in which it is fun to live and work. That's what a kitchen is all about. Ask what charac- terizes a modern, remod- eled kitchen and the answers are as various as the people who design them. To Family A, the kitchen serves all necessary group needs, but also its design re- captures a remembered va- cation in Bavaria. To Family B it comprises a strong statement of taste, quite possibly in startling contrast to a Victorian or other Opposite house style. Family C is interested only in utility and function, easy cleaning and a range that does its own thinking. And Family D's home- maker makes the kitchen a headquarters, a hobby place, a primary living area through the long, at-home day. These are only a few of the factors that should run through your mind and flow onto your notebook when you think seriously about kitchen remodeling. And a notebook, with a running account of thoughts, needs and de- sires, should be maintained II Wednesday, October 12, 1983 tchen remodeling eliminates sameness present kitchen probably was designed by a builder or an architect for some mythi- cal"average" family and its "average" habits. And that was proper when the objec- tive was. to build a house that would sell fast. But how average are you? Do you have 2.3 children? Remember, a remodeled kitchen should be a per- sonal thing. It should have aesthetic iiii over a period of several weeks, at least, before un- dertaking so vast a project. It should include input, no matter how simple or how bizarre, from 'all family members because a new kitchen must be much more than new equipment. New cabinets and appli- ances can bring you up-to- date with new aesthetics and the advantages of en- ergy savings as well as more efficient cooking, dish- washing and refrigeration. But there are other factors to consider. For one thing, your 659-1469 *New Construction *Remodeling *Roofing: st,eke & co,,,po,itio,, *Insulation *Glass P. U.D. APPROVED Free Estimates--No Job Too Small ii!i.::. 6808 21st Dr. N.L,.I~ svilla .:~ii~| appeal, and that is some- thing that reflects your taste, and only yours. It must function well, and that relates directly to your own family, the personal habits of each person, your socializing and entertain- ment practices, your cook- ing needs and desires, family size and ages of fam- ily members. BRIGHTEN YOUR WINTER LIFESTYLE! INSTAL L A SKYL IGHT! A Skylight can make the dark winter days go away. The GLOBE~IS HOME IMPROVEMENI C:ARRY SALE ........... 2 ;s0 *20-yr. worr. *Class A Fire r0ting per sq. CASH p79 I!'29 ) roll CertainTeed Glassguard 3 Tab Roofing 15.1b. Felt 324 sq. ft. roll SHAKE FELT 18" by 120 ft., 30-lb. 90-lb. Roll Roofing ' ' 49 Mineral Faced Surface ' , = = 2x4's a ft., 10 ft., 12 ft. timitedtOstock on t 5 ˘ Standard or Better Hemlock .on . , fin. ft. i COUPON. ~ ..... I ATCO I 4x8, %-in. : Sheetrock :wet SurfOcew I ~ 1823 "~'' ; $t,;18 CEMENT Ill IlJ I S, e9 IL; .; II t skeet I o l f/l! 4 -al. joint.$1 49 I coshvaluel/20' ˘:,~~~1~! ~- compouna v ,xpkes 10-1543 " - -! , L! ~= •~ -,-- % ~-'~ " STOCK ,.~ oN ~No 1364 STATE, MAIYSVILLi 659-7661 limits may be established for different times of day, different types of vehicles, varying weather conditions, and other fac- tors bearing on safe speeds, which shall be effective when posted upon appropriate fixed or variable signs. Section 2. Repealer. Chapter 11.76 of the Marysville Municipal Code is hereby REPEALED, the same be superseded by the provisions of this ordinance. PASSED by the City Council and AP- PROVED by the Mayor this 10th day of Oc- tober, 1983. THE CITY OF MARYSVILLE By s/Daryl D. Brennick Mayor Attest: By s/Phillip E. Dexter City Clerk Approved as to Form: By s/James H. Allendoerfer, City Atty. Published: October 12, 1983 NO. 83 S 00299 0 NOTICE TO NATURAL FATHER Superior Court of Washington for Snohomish County In re the Adoption of BABY CHILD CRAWFORD. To: JOHN DOE TAKE NOTICE that a Petition for Ter- mination of Parent-Child Relationship and a Petition for Adoption have been filed in Snohomish County Superior Court on the day of September, 1983. 1. The child subject to this termination and adoption proceeding was conceived approximately on January S, 1983, In Snohomlsh County, Washington; this child is expected to be born approximately on October 15, 1983. 2. 'The natural mother of this child is Becky L. Durham. 3. The natural father of the child subject to this termination and adoption pro- ceeding has a right under RCW 26.26 to file a claim of paternity before the birth of the child, or to file a notice Of intent to claim paternity directly as a responsible pleading in the cause of action under which this notice is published. 4. If the natural father of the child sub- ject to this termination and adoption pro- ceeding files a claim of paternity as described above, in addition to the or- dinary rights, privileges, duties end obligations of the natural father of any child, the natural father filing a claim of paternity in addition has a right to • hear- ing under the provisions of RCW 26.26 to determine any and all Issues arising from his claim of paternity. 5. The Petition for Termination of Parent-Child Relationship and the Petition for Adoption, and the original of this Notice, ere filed In the snohomish County Superior Court, the Clerk's Office of the Snohomish County Superior Court Is located on the 2nd Floor of the Snohomish County Courthouse, located in Everett, Snohomish County, Washington. 6. If the natural father of the child sub- Ject to these termination and adoption peti- tions falls to file a claim of paternity before the expected date of birth of this child, such failure to file a claim shall con- stltute a waiver of his right to receive the notice ,to which he would otherwise be en- titled under RCW 26.32.044, end shell fur- ther result in the termination of his rights and responsibilities with regara to rots child. DATED this 22nd day of September, 1983. CHRIS W. ERICKSON Attorney for Petitioner 2531 Broadway Everett, WA 911201 Published: Oct. S, 12, 19, 26; Nov. 2, 9, 1983 NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL BOARD MEETING The Board of Directors of Marysvllle School District No. 2S will meet in tim Board Room of the District Service Center, 4220 00th St. N.E., Marysville, Washington on Thursday, October 13, 1983 at 8:30 p.m. The purpose of the meeting will be to consider ratification of the negotiated bargaining agreement for 1983-85 belween the Merysvllle School District and the Marysville Education Association. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DI RECTORS of Marysvllle School District No. 25 this 10th clay of October 1983. ey Richard L. Huselton, Secret~ry Board of Directors Published: Oct. 12, 1983 OFFICIAL NOTICE: The following proposed constitutional amendments are to be submitted to the voters at the state general election to be held on November 8, 1983. The ballot titles and explanatory statements were prepared by the office of the Attorney General• This is a legal publication as required by law from the office of the Secretary of State. Senate Joint Resolution 103 Official Ballot Title: Shall a commission be appointed by legislative leaders to redistrict legislative and congressional districts each decade based on equal population? The law as it now exists: The State Of Washington is divided into congressional and legislative districts for the purpose of electing members of the federal Congress and the state legislature. Under the "one- man-one-vote'" rule, those legislative and congressional dis- tricts are required to be basically equal in population as determined by the last precedinR federal census. Under existing state law the function of establishing the boundaries of legislative and congressional districts is vested in the state legislature If the legislature fails to act in a constitutionally valid manner, the federal court may take over and perform the function as occurred in this state in 1972. The =effect of SIR 103, if approved into law: This proposed Constitutional amendment would provide for the app~ntment of a redistricting commission after each decennial federal census The commission would be composed of five members, four of whom would be appointed by the legislative leaders of the two largest political parties in each house of the state legislature Those four, in turn, would then select the fifth member as a nonvoting chairperson. If appointments are not made as required, then the State Supreme Court is directed to make the appoint- merits. The commission would be responsible, on the basis of population determined by the particular census, for the adoption of revised congressional and legislative redistricting plans. In addition to meeting the standard of population equality, each district established by the commission would be required to consist of contiguous territory, be compact and convenient, be separated from adjoining districts by natural geographical barriers, artificial barriers, or political subdivision boundaries to the extent reasonable The commission's plan i ii i must provide for the number of legislative districts Pstablished by the legislature. Further. the plan is to be drawn so as not to purposely favor or discriminate against any political party or group. The legislature could amend such redistricting plans, but only by a two-thirds vote of the members of the legislature, Any such amendment Would also have to be passed by both houses no later than the end of the thirtieth day of the first session convened after the commission has submitted its plan to the leg=slature. Vote cast by the members of the lt~3 Leaidature on Final passage: H(X~: Yeas, 85; Nays, 10; Absent or not votinlg 3. 5~NATE! Yeas, 42; Nays, 4; Absent o˘ not votir~, 3. Senate Joint Resolution 105 Official Ballot Title: Shall the state constitution be amended to increase from thirty to fifty-five years the maximum term for state harbor leases? The law as it now exists: ~Fhe Washington State Constitution provides for the establishment of state-owned harbor areas which are located in nav~able waters bordering incorporated cities. These harbor areas are reserved for landings, wharves, streets and other conveniences of commerce and navigation. The legislature, pursuant to the Cons[itution, has established generat laws for the leasing of these areas. The Constitutio~ now lir~.ts the maximum term of such leases tO thirty years, while existing law permits leases of state-owned tidelands and shorelands for up to fifty-five years. The effect of SIR 105, if approved into law: This proposed amendment of the Washington State Constitution would increase from thirty to fifty-five years the maximum allowable term for leases of state harbor areas. This change would make the maximum allowable term for harbor area leases consistent with the present fifty-five year maximum for state-owned tide and shorelands. Vote cast by the members of the 1983 Legislature or= final ~: FK3L.~: Yeas, 88; Nays, O; Absent or not votmlg 10. SENATE: YeaS, 45; Nays, 1; ~ Or no~ ~ 3J Senate Joint Resolution 112 Offidal Ballot Title: Shall local governments marketing energy be permitted to use funds or credit to finance energy conservation by individuals and corporations? The law as it now exists: A 1979 amendment to the state Constitution allows until lanuary 1, 1990, counties, cities, towns and other municipal corporations which engage in the sale or distribution of energy to use public monies or credit derived from operating revenues to assist owners of residential structures in financing the acqt~itlon and installation of mate˘ials and ~nt for conservation or more effective use of energy, That Constitutfonal amendment reqtares a charge-bacK tar the exten~on of public monies or credit and further provides for a lien against the residential structure or equipment benefited The effect of SJR 112, if approved into law" This Constitutional amendment, if approved, would expand the constitutienal et~ibi~y for energy conservat;on public financing beyond the current restriction (only to owners of residential structures) to any individual, association or corporaOon using the funds for enerSy conservat,on p~lSoses This. rneasure would also constitutionally permit local governments marketing energy to issue debt instruments repayable from revenues to finance these energy conservatio~ purposes• The amendment also removes references in the current Constitution to "'more effective use of energy", leaving "'conserving energy" as the sole standard of ellgib~ty. It further removes the constitutional requirement t('tat a lien or other adequate security be provided for the financing of energy conservation purposes for residential structures The expiration date of the constitutional provision ' authorizing th~ program would be changed from 1.990 to 2005. Vote cast by the members of the 1983 Lel~ature on final passaae~ HOUSE: Yeas, 88; Nays, 8; Absent or not voting, 2. SF.NATE: Yeas, ~ Nays, 14; Abseflt or not yours, 1.